Week 5: Spaghetti Bolognase (Jamie Oliver)


imageI royally messed up this dish, so I’m not sure if my review is accurate to the recipe that can be found HERE. Firstly, MAKE SURE you allocated a lot of time to bake this dish. I did not and my prep time ended up being crazy. This dish takes an hour in the oven so make sure you’ve budgeted for this. I also mixed the pasta right into the baked dish which the recipe did not say to do and in retrospect I think it’s better if you add the plain pasta to your plate and then add the sauce on top.

This recipe called for red wine and I definitely added a little (or a lot) extra which gave this recipe a nice strong flavour. It was good and had a really homey feel after baking in the oven, but not the best bolognase I’ve ever eaten. I’d rank this pasta a 6.5/1o, just based on the long prep time and the difficulty of the recipe.

Week 4: Pasta Puttanesca (Epicurious)


This week’s pasta was maybe my most ambitious attempt yet, just purely on how difficult the ingredients were to find. As a ‘rookie’ chef, unless it’s a super basic item I  probably don’t even know what it is. My boyfriend and I naively decided to make this without really looking at the ingredient list and spent a good 45 minutes in the grocery store (with a Save-on employee) searching for items I’d never heard of. Capers? Anchovy paste? Kalamata olives? Luckily Save-on seemed to have auxiliary staff available to help us or this recipe might not have happened. This one is dedicated to that produce guy who helped us out. My whining aside, you can find the Epicurious recipe HERE.

I didn’t love this recipe, but I also don’t really like olives. The reason I wanted to make this was partially because I read about it in Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate events’ and partially because a friend recommended it. I found the sauce a little on the watery side but my parents, who both love olives, loved this recipe. Because of my own bias against olives I’m going to give this recipe a 6/10 but hopefully you olive lovers won’t be deterred

Week 3: Penne alla Gigi (SAQ)



Prosciutto! Now that I have your attention, you can check out the recipe I used for this week’s recipe HERE. Once I had first mixed the penne into the sauce, at first it seemed like it was going to be a blander pasta as the colour of the sauce did not show clearly through the noodles. In fact it turned out to be very flavourful, and adding arugula as a garnish was a perfect touch. I would highly recommend this recipe and my family gave it a resounding 8/10. That is to say, there weren’t any leftovers.

Research: Il Fornio


My friend and I drove down from Vancouver, Canada to Seattle, Washington for a concert. My friend eats gluten-free and Il Fornio restaurant in Seattle has a diverse gluten free menu including a lot of corn pastas. Il Fornio is a great place to stop and eat if you are ever in town, it’s usually a very quiet restaurant and the complementary breadsticks with olive oil and balsamic vinegar were just to die for. I’ve been before, but this time I ordered the Pennete Arrabiata, a tomato based pasta with spicy pepercino, garlic and parsley. It was OK, but I found it a little spicy for my taste. Still, would recommend this place overall

Week 2 – Rigatoni with Eggplant (Jamie Oliver)


This pasta was AMAZING. Yes, I said it. Click the link here and see for yourself! Do it, do it right now! Maybe I just made it perfectly (but lets be real, I’m still a beginner chef here) or maybe this recipe is just totally bomb. It was pretty easy to make and is perfect for the veggie lover in your house. As a person who generally prefers meat based pasta, I didn’t even notice the absence of meat.

I made a few alterations to this recipe. It calls for rigatoni but I accidentally forgot to buy this so we used bows instead. Also, we subsituted cream for milk because my dad is watching his cholesterol. Would recommend this pasta to anyone! Because I don’t believe in perfection I give this pasta a 9.5/10



Week 1 – Carbonara (Tyler Florence)


Of course the first week of my resolution I made the pasta that I have been craving the most. I first tried spaghetti carbonara in a restaurant in Montreal in 2013. Made right, carbonara is one of the most delicious pastas; it’s egg based mixed with parmesan, mozzarella and best of all BACON.

I decided to attempt Tyler Florence’s recipe, which can be found here. I slightly burned the pasta when I combined the noodles with the sauce in the pan. As a rookie pasta maker, one should be careful of this! The recipe as a whole was OK but I found my sauce:pasta ratio was a little off (light on the sauce so the recipe turned out a little plain. I would give this recipe a 7/10 as a whole