Week 14: Pasta with Butternut Squash and Sage (New York Times Cooking App)


I’ve been on hiatus for the last few months, however, have been keeping up the pasta making with friends and family. This recipe from the New York times cooking app made a ridiculous serving size (check it out HERE). We were able to feed five people and probably had about 3 servings leftover (a good lunch for the next day). It is has a very brothy taste and would be a great pasta to make on a cold and rainy day. One criticism of this recipe is that it seems to lack in the protein department, and would have been better with some sort of protein (maybe prosciutto?)  We’d give this recipe a 7.5/10


Week 13: Roasted squash, shallots, spinach and ricotta pasta (BBC Good food)


This recipe from BBC Good food is a truly awesome summer dish, and I think I’m biased towards it because it includes a lot of my favourite veggies. I would say the proportions on this recipe seem to be a little off, and the number of veggies almost overwhelms the pasta so it seems more like a salad then a pasta based dish. If making yourself I would recommend lightening the veggies a little. The sauce itself was also a little on the plain side. I would give it a 6/10 as a pasta meal but would likely make again. Find the recipe HERE

Week 12: Spaghetti Quattro (Miss Delish)


I made this recipe at the request of my father, who has been requesting ‘quattro pasta’ for the past couple weeks. For readers not from North Vancouver, there is a small restaurant here that makes a pasta special made with ground turkey and baked beans (strange combination, I know). We recreated it from a blogged recipe and since we accidentally bought ground chicken rather than ground turkey, we did it with that. This was extremely tasty but also a unique tasting pasta. The spiciness paired with the baked beans gives it an almost Mexican style taste. I’d give this an 8.5/10, find it HERE

Week 1 – Carbonara (Tyler Florence)


Of course the first week of my resolution I made the pasta that I have been craving the most. I first tried spaghetti carbonara in a restaurant in Montreal in 2013. Made right, carbonara is one of the most delicious pastas; it’s egg based mixed with parmesan, mozzarella and best of all BACON.

I decided to attempt Tyler Florence’s recipe, which can be found here. I slightly burned the pasta when I combined the noodles with the sauce in the pan. As a rookie pasta maker, one should be careful of this! The recipe as a whole was OK but I found my sauce:pasta ratio was a little off (light on the sauce so the recipe turned out a little plain. I would give this recipe a 7/10 as a whole