Week 10: Pasta with Brie, Mushrooms and Argula


Allegedly this is one of the top 25 reblogged recipies on Pintrest, according to realsimple.com. You can access the recipe HERE. What really attracted me to this dish was the promise of Brie cheese, but what kept me was the mushrooms. The instructions demand you fry mushrooms and onions in white wine; this came out mind-alteringly good. The mushrooms soaks up every flavour in the pan and they are just delicious. The noodles themselves came off tasting a little on the plain side, but the Brie, mushrooms and arugula mixed in was very nice. I’d give this recipe an 8/10.


Week 9: Tomato Tagliatelle (Jaimie Oliver)


Personally, I didn’t love this recipe by Jaimie Oliver (you can find it HERE). Jaimie Oliver put my expectations high after I made his really delicious ‘Rigatoni with Eggplant’  in Week 2. This recipe let me down. Maybe it was my own fault for choosing it as a person who really doesn’t like asparagus, but it also turned out nothing like the picture even though I followed the instructions closely. What I did like was the interesting noodle choice. Tagliatelle is actually this flat noodle shown in the picture above, and I liked experimenting with it. Also, this recipe is really healthy so if you want a pasta that tastes more like a salad, maybe this is for you? It wasn’t for me. I give it a 3/10 and would only make it if my veggie-obsessed parents came over.

Week 8: Classic Marinara Sauce (NYT)


This week I tried out my first New York Times recipe, found HERE. This recipe was very simple (only a few ingredients that are commonly found in any kitchen) and produced a fairly tasty sauce. The recipe turned out a little on the watery side, even after I left out the extra cup of water. I also combined the pasta straight into the sauce (although the recipe didn’t say to do this) just because I prefer the taste when the pasta is completely coated. If you’re looking for something simple, quick and classic, I’d recommend this recipe and I give it an 8/10. Serve with a yummy spinach salad.

Week 7: Cauliflower Cream Pasta with Fresh Herbs (Thug Kitchen)


I’ve been getting a little tired of all these tomato sauces, but I reached a dilemma in this epic pasta journey. Although the logical step is to try out some classic pasta cream sauces, my parents (who are official tasters on this blog) are trying to watch their cholesterol. So I found this: Thug Kitchen’s recipe will satisfy both the vegan and the health-nut in you. The cream sauce is made of cauliflower! You can find it HERE

This recipe turned out a little on the plain side, so on its own I’m going to give it a 7/10. However, I’m happy I found this cream recipe because it would be easy to add your own twist to this simple sauce. Would recommend adding more vegetables and spices to this healthy option. The spinach doesn’t hurt either. In conclusion: Good for you, needs more flavour.

Week 6: Balsamic Bruschetta (AllRecipes)


This week I made a fairly forgettable butternut squash and pancetta penne that can be found HERE. It tasted ok but it didn’t plate very well, so I haven’t included a picture of it. I’d rank this recipe a 3/10 and I hope to find another butternut squash recipe soon!

What I really want to talk about is the bruschetta recipe I found HERE. Wow this was good, and really easy. I picked up a really nice loaf of bread and this bruschetta was quick and simple to make. I’ve only ever had it in restaurants before and it was honestly just as good. 9/10 for the bruschetta. Make sure you grab some olive oil and vinegar either to dip or drizzle on top.

Week 5: Spaghetti Bolognase (Jamie Oliver)


imageI royally messed up this dish, so I’m not sure if my review is accurate to the recipe that can be found HERE. Firstly, MAKE SURE you allocated a lot of time to bake this dish. I did not and my prep time ended up being crazy. This dish takes an hour in the oven so make sure you’ve budgeted for this. I also mixed the pasta right into the baked dish which the recipe did not say to do and in retrospect I think it’s better if you add the plain pasta to your plate and then add the sauce on top.

This recipe called for red wine and I definitely added a little (or a lot) extra which gave this recipe a nice strong flavour. It was good and had a really homey feel after baking in the oven, but not the best bolognase I’ve ever eaten. I’d rank this pasta a 6.5/1o, just based on the long prep time and the difficulty of the recipe.